Asortik Classic Baby Room Set


    Asortik Classic Baby Room Set

    While the luxury nursery set is appreciated for its useful and reliable design, it attracts all eyes with its elegant design that will add magnificence to your room.

    Designed to maintain this magnificence in your elegant living spaces, the Asortik classic nursery set appeals to its user with its comfortable use and elegant design.

    In addition, the wooden baby room, which carries all the hallmarks of classic furniture design, is made entirely from natural wood. The classic nursery set, which takes elegance in its design from elegant handcrafted sculpture patterns, has been designed with ergonomic dimensions and shapes in mind for your baby’s healthy growth.

    While supporting the correct lying position, your baby aimed to prevent accidents such as jumping and falling from the bed at the age of mobilization.

    In addition, the baby room set consists of a classic baby bed, an elegant wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

    While the luxurious berjer models can be included at an additional cost, accessory and chandelier models are also offered to users based on customer requests.

    Finally, the luxurious nursery set can be produced exclusively for the individual with its special size and color options to fully suit the area where it will be used.

    So you can fill out the product information form to know the price and features of the classic nursery set or you can send your inquiries via the Whatsapp contact line. Our commercial advisers who will get back to you as quickly as possible will be happy to respond to your requests.


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