Afacan Classic Baby Room Set


    Afacan Classic Baby Room Set

    Given the growth process of your baby, the luxury nursery set, which is produced on the basis of special measures that favor long-term use, is made entirely from natural wood with manual labor. The classic nursery set, which is absolutely harmless for the environment and does not contain carcinogenic substances, has been designed taking into account sensitive dimensions and ergonomic shapes as much as your baby. The bedside table with two drawers on the bed frame can be removed in the following period and used as a longer bed frame.

    Also, while the general design lines of the classic nursery set remain constant, they can be produced specifically for users and where they will be preferred with their special color and size options. Thus, a crèche desired by parents can only be personalized for them and their tastes.

    Indeed, the luxury baby room set comes from a classic baby bed, a wardrobe drawer and a wardrobe with a regular shelf arrangement.

    Finally, team, accessory models, rugs and classic nursery curtain models can also be included. You can fill out the product information form to get information on the price of the wooden nursery set and the features of the set or you can contact us via the Whatsapp contact line. Our experienced sales advisers will be happy to answer your questions.