Vento Classic Sofa Set


    Vento Classic Sofa Set

    The Vento classic sofa set, is handcrafted from natural woods is a new addition to our luxury sofa set collection. It offers an eye-catching pleasure with its gold leaf embroidery and wood carving motifs. This classic sofa set displays the intense hand labor of our craftsmen with its quilted workmanship, wood carving motifs and gold leaf application.

    The luxury sofa set consists of two sofas and two berjers. The color of the luxury sofa set, which can be produced with special size options depending on your wishes. You can also include side table and nesting table models in the set.

    Users who prefer the Vento Classic Sofa Set also buy the Vento classic bedroom set and Vento classic dining room set , which are from the same collection in order to ensure harmony in their living spaces. To get more information about the luxury sofa set, you can fill out the product information form or send your requests via the Whatsapp communication line.