Urea Chandelier 15 Gold

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Crystals that will increase the luster of the chandelier were used in the design of the luxurious chandelier, which is preferred in large halls with its imposing design. The classic chandelier model, with its golden yellow color, motif glass jar, embroidered body and perfect crystals, attracts the attention of everyone. The fifteen-arm classic chandelier design will add value to your living spaces and furniture with its stone engravings and glass curtains, just like ten-arm or twelve-arm classic chandeliers. Imported crystal stones were used in the classic chandelier with fifteen arms, which was produced especially for the users with luxurious living spaces with its impressive workmanship, its production technology and design. The luxury chandelier model, which creates an ambiance where you can feel the rainbow colors at home by providing light diffraction in the living areas, will gain the appreciation of your guests. Flat crystal stones, surrounded by gold gilded metals, gave a very different appeal to classical chandelier design. Classic chandeliers designed as double floors can be produced as well as single floors or three floors upon request. To get detailed information on the price and features of the double-decker luxury chandelier model, simply fill in the product information form or submit your requests via Whatsapp communication line. Our personal customer representatives will return to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.