Turri Classic Corner Sofa Set


    Turri Classic Corner Sofa Set

    Turri corner sofa set, which is one of the most preferred models of classic corner sets that appeal to users who want to create a stylish concept with more space saving in their living spaces, attracts attention with its design. A unique design emerges with quilted upholstery, stylish plain wood motifs and a coffee table combined with the sofa preferred in the corner set. Turri classic sofa set is made of special woven fabric and ergonomic sponges in order to provide a comfortable session. Designed in an ergonomic structure, the corner sofa set is covered with quality sponge and woven fabric, bringing the comfort that a sofa set can offer. The sofa set, which stands out with its functionality, was designed with a coffee table with oval lines attached to it. The internal coffee table on one end of the sofa can be applied on both sides if desired. Wooden center coffee table, stylish accessories and classic berjer are added to the classical saloon corner set with a popular design upon the request of the users. The corner set, which is manufactured exclusively for users, by creating differences in size and color selection, fully adapts to the area to be used. You can fill the product information form to get detailed information about the classic corner sofa set price and features. Our experienced and relevant customer representatives will contact you to answer their questions as soon as possible.


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