Tithis Chandelier 10 Antique

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Ten-waxed antique chandelier models, which are generally preferred in luxury living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms, come in an impressive style with candle-like bulbs. Discover the luxury chandelier model, which is appreciated by the viewer with its motif body, golden yellow color and aesthetic design. The hall type antique chandelier model prepared in ten candle styles, which is completely handcrafted, is among the most preferred classical chandelier types of the new season. You can give your living rooms a stylish and elegant atmosphere with the luxury chandelier model designed for use in unique living areas for both accessories and lighting purposes. Glass lantern can be installed upon the candle type antique chandelier design, which can also be produced in special sizes. In the design using an antique aging color, bright or more matte colors can be preferred according to the customer’s request. Brass motifs with candle bulbs in the chandelier model are natural and no chemical products are used. You can fill the product information form to get more information about the price and features of the antique luxury chandelier.