Sultani Classic Dining Room Set


    Sultani Classic Dining room set

    The Sultani Classic Dining Set, which is one of the standout models among the classic dining sets of the new season, brings comfort and elegance to your living space.  The classic dining set gives its user the value they deserve with its sleek and eye-catching design.

    The classic Sultani dining set, where woodcarving is intensely applied, consists of a classic table, a console, a mirror, a display case and chairs. The dining room set, with an elegant concept with its oval lines, adds dynamism to your living spaces.  Classic dining windows and consoles prevent sudden collisions and possible accidents with special hinges and brake rails. Finally, while the luxury dining set can be produced exclusively for users and places with its special size and color options, as you can see in the product images, you can choose the  one of three different versions.

    The classic dining set also includes a sofa and a bedroom set.  In order to ensure perfect harmony and elegance in the living spaces, users also purchase the sofa set and the bedroom set.  If you want to include the classic Sultani dining set in your stylish and eye-catching living spaces and want more information about the team, you can fill out the product information form or send your requests through the  Whatsapp contact line.


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