Sonya Classic Bedroom Set


    Sonya Classic Bedroom Set

    The Sonya’s classic bedroom set brings a palatial breeze to your homes with its special design and is in perfect harmony with its green tones and golden yellow color. The design of the classic bedside table and classic dresser models where natural marbles are preferred makes a difference with its heavy stance.

    The luxury bedroom set consists of a bedside table, a mirrored dresser, a headboard and a wardrobe. The luxury bedroom set, produced entirely using natural wood and natural marble, offers a perfect viewing pleasure. Moreover, it offers wide storage space to its user with its large internal volume.

    Users who prefer the classic bedroom set that will allow you to create luxurious living spaces, usually buy the Sonya classic dining room set and Sonya classic sofa set , which are from the team’s own group, in order to adapt to their decorations

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