Saphore Hotel Room Furniture


    Saphore Hotel Room Furniture

    Asortie Furniture designs environments where guests will feel comfortable and safe in hotel projects designed, produced and implemented in turnkey manner. Offering the most suitable solutions for the hotel investor, Asortie designs natural wooden hotel rooms, which have been increasing in recent years, as well as classic hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture and avant-garde hotel furniture. Sapore luxury double hotel furniture, which is preferred by hotel investors who want to host your customers who come to their hotels with simple lines but in magnificent rooms, is among the most preferred double hotel room sets with avant-garde lines. In the Sapore hotel room, a classic natural style was chosen, where comfort and simplicity were set together. Special fabrics that do not stain and are easy to clean were preferred in the headboard, which holds both singles together. The headboard, which has a magnificent appearance in this state, gives the hotel room a rich atmosphere. The hotel room decoration stands out with its sliced ​​quilted upholstery on the headboard. Although Sapore hotel room decoration is designed as a double room, it can also be applied as single hotel room furniture or suite hotel room furniture.


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