Safir Classic Bar Set


    Safir Classic Bar Set

    Safir classic bar set, with its elegant and simple appearance, distinguishes itself among the classical furniture models with an extremely important place. The Sapphire luxury bar set, which can be combined with a bar display cabinet, bar counter and bar chairs made as many as desired, is preferred especially in large estates in a corner of the halls or service kitchens. Safir classic bar furniture, which is the proof of how simplicity can be harmonized with luxury with its design, can be produced in different sizes and sizes due to the fact that the size of the living area you can place can be variable. You can buy the sapphire bar set completely, or you can buy the part you want individually. In this way, the opportunity is given to those who want to use bar furniture in accordance with the concept created not only in large mansions but also in smaller living spaces. Whether you want to use it in a large mansion or to be used in small living spaces, you can fill the product information form and come to Asortie Furniture shoowrooms to closely examine the Safir classic bar set.


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