Pyramid Blue Classic Dining Room Set


    Pyramid Blue Classic Dining Room Set

    The Pyramid Blue classic dining room set is among the most popular models among the new season dining room designs. Among the new season dining room sets, the color tone is among the most popular furniture sets. Moreover, the Pyramid blue classic dining room set boasts of impressive gold leaf hand carved motifs, and a beautiful blue and white finish will make your guests experience luxury and comfort together. It also offers a comfortable use with its ergonomic size forms and comfortable chairs. The luxury dining room set consists of a dining table, chairs, showcase and mirrored console.

    The shelves and cabinets are fitted with soft close mechanisms to prevent damage from slamming. The tempered glass panels are also sturdy and resilient to breaking. The dining room set, which can be customized with special size and color options to suit your needs. Users who buy the Pyramid blue dining room set also buy the Pyramid blue bedroom set and the Pyramid blue classic sofa set.

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