Picola Classic Sofa Set


    Picola Classic Sofa Set

    How would you like to meet the Picola classic sofa set, which will be one of the indispensable parts of your luxury living spaces? The luxury lounge set will allow you to create a unique concept with its special carving motifs and woven fabric is coming to attract all the eyes in your living rooms. It promises comfort to its users with its orthopedic sponge and ergonomic measurement forms. Moreover, the sofa set made of natural wood allows you to use it for many years with its durability.

    The luxury sofa set consists of two sofas and two classic berjers. The luxury sofa set, which can be produced with special size and color options, easily adapts to your living spaces. Users who want to choose a luxury sofa set can optionally include side tables and nesting tables.

    Users who prefer the Picola classic sofa set include the Picola classic dining room set , the picola classic wall unit and the picola classic bedroom set into their living spaces . To get more information about the luxury sofa set, you can fill out the product information form or send your requests via the Whatsapp communication line