Pasific Classic Sofa Set


    Pacific Classic Sofa Set

    The Pacific classic sofa set contains fine details designed to make a difference in your luxury decoration. The harmony of elegant carving motifs, gold leaf polish, mother-of-pearl pattern and motifs on the special woven fabric with the carving motifs was designed in perfect harmony. While the luxurious details offer the pleasure of watching, its comfortable and comfortable use also satisfies the user in functional terms. Moreover, thanks to its customizable structure according to the color desired by the user, it can easily adapt to all living spaces and decorations.

    The classic sofa set consists of 2 sofas and two single seats. Depending your wishes, the center table in the image can be added to the set. Users who prefer the luxury sofa set usually include the Pacific classic dining room set and the Pacific classic bedroom set , which are from their own group, in their decorations.  To get more detailed information about the luxury sofa set, you can fill out the product information form or send your requests via the Whatsapp communication line.