Olimpos Gold Classic Dining Room Set


    Olimpos Gold Classic Dining Room Set

    Olympos gold classic dining room set, which has all the features that should be in a luxurious dining room set, was hand-made with natural wood. The classic dining room set consists of luxury showcase, classic mirrored console, wooden dining table and 6 chairs. Extra classic chairs, dining room accessory products and luxury chandelier models can also be included in the team upon request of the users. Moreover, in order to adapt to all living spaces, the dining room set, which is produced exclusively for users, with its special color and size options, allows you to have your living spaces of dreams. The perfect fit of the dining table and chair supports an ergonomic seating position, while the imposing showcase and the large interior volume of the console offer you the opportunity to host all your dining room sets that you will exhibit or maintain. Users who prefer the wooden dining room set also prefer the Olimpos gold classic sofa set and the Olimpos gold classic bedroom set, which are usually from the group’s own group, to ensure harmony in their living spaces.


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