Milano Classic Wall Unit


    Milano Classic Wall Unit

    Milan classic wall unit model, with its magnificent design, provides a palace style to living spaces. Milan luxury wall unit, which is among the indispensables of those who want to decorate the living room and living rooms with magnificent furniture reflecting the classical spirit of the palace, can be designed from the beginning with your skillful hand workmanship made of natural wood. You can create a new atmosphere in your living space with Milan classic wall unit, where you can make small touches with stylish vases and trinkets. In the coloring of the master-made wall unit, gold leaf treatments can be used, as well as for those who want a simpler design language to dominate. The blue led lights hidden in a way that does not spoil its elegance, add a different atmosphere to the Milan TV unit, adding elegance to its elegance without damaging its classic appearance. The console part of the TV unit has been designed wide enough to store many items in your home, so you will get rid of the annoying details and the disturbing mess details when it disappears. The luxurious feet, which are a part of the TV unit’s design, also add elegance to the wall unit, creating a wider ambience in the living area. The Milan wall unit can be combined with the Milan bedroom set model or can be used independently from each other. With the harmony of the Milan series product group, you can have the opportunity to create harmony in your home from start to finish.


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