Markuteri Classic Office Furniture Set

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Marküteri Classic Office Furniture Set

The Markuteri classic office suit model, which is handcrafted with embroidery and made of natural wood, was designed for managers who want to experience the elegance of walnut tones and golden leaf in their workplaces. The luxury office room furniture, decorated with handcrafted drawings of the art of handicraft processing, consists of a table, library, coffee table and caisson. Guest seats and executive chair can also be added upon request. The seats, which are covered with genuine leather, have an ergonomic structure as well as showyness. The office chairs also offer an orthopedic session during long working hours.

The legs of the tables, showcases and chairs have an impressive design. The curved design on the front of the office desk and the carved motif on the bottom base and the carved motif on the showcase crown complete the office suite model. Office seating group can also be made for the Markuteri office suite model. The choice of those who want to work with luxury in their offices, Marküteri classic office furniture can be produced with the desired size and color options.