Marin İnci Classic Dining Room Set

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Marin Pearl Classic Dining Room Set

Marin pearl classic dining room set will be a wonderful detail in your living room decoration with handcrafted carving motifs. This dining room set, handcrafted with natural wood, is for those who want to create a new concept in their living spaces. The dining room model consists of a table, console, mirror, showcase and chairs.

The chairs of this model come to the forefront with their magnificent and ergonomic structure. In the drawers and lids of the dining room model, first-class suspension hinges and rails were used to counter act banging and slamming. Marin pearl Classic Dining Room Set can be combined with Marin pearl Classic Sofa set.

This luxury dining room set will be sure to set you apart from the rest and allow you to create your perfect concept in your living spaces.

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