Marin Classic Living Room Set


    Marin Classic Sofa Set

    Marin classic sofa set is among the best designs among the new season furniture models with dazzling handcrafting. It stands out among the dark-colored classic sofa set models. Moreover, wood carving motifs are performed with exquisite handcrafting. In addition to its eye-catching elegance, it promises a comfortable session to its users thanks to its special woven fabric and orthopedic sponges. The luxury sofa set model consists of two sofas and two bergeres. Upon wishes, the classic coffee table model can also be included in the set. Moreover, this luxury sofa set can be customized with the fabric and wood finishes of your choice.

    This luxury sofa set designed for the new season is usually paired with the Marin classic dining room set and the Marin classic wall unit.  Please fill out the product information form, send your requests via Whatsapp communication line or come to our Showroom in Masko Furniture City and discuss the product details together with our coffee that we will offer.