Lidya Art Deko Sofa Set


    Lidya Art deco Sofa Set

    Among the Art deco sofa models, the Lydian art deco sofa set, which is very popular, attracts attention with its zebra pattern fabric. The elegant workmanship in the wooden parts is among the details that increase the viewing pleasure of the sofa set. While preserving the Art deco line, the Lydia sofa set, which has managed to include classical details, offers a viewing pleasure worth seeing in your luxurious living spaces. Moreover, it promises perfect comfort to its users with its special woven fabric and ergonomic sponges.

    The Art Deco sofa set, which is more preferred in spacious and luxurious living spaces, consists of two sofas and two armchairs. The sofas have two designs. While users can add both designs to the team, they can also buy two sofas with only one design. Moreover, with its special size and color options, it is aimed to fully adapt to the decorations of the users.

    You can also pair this luxury sofa set also buy the Lydia art deco dining room set and the Lydia art deco bedroom set , which are usually from the team’s own group . If you want to include the luxury sofa set in your living space and want to get information, you can fill out the product information form. We will return to you as soon as possible and answer your questions.