Lampshade Chandelier 6 Antique

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The luxury chandelier model, which is liked and attracted by users who prefer the lampshade style as the chandelier, because it will help you to create a pleasant ambiance in your living spaces. The luxury chandelier model enriched with six hats, which are elegantly combined on the candlestick motif body, in which silver and gold leaf colors are preferred, has a perfect appearance. The chandelier, which gives the spaces an elegant and cute atmosphere, can be produced in two floors as required. The chandelier, whose number of hats is increased according to the demands of the users, can also be prepared in different colors. The hat chandelier design, which has color options such as antique leaf or antique cream, is used in the living room as well as in the bedrooms. In order to get more information about the hat and lampshade chandelier price and features, you can send your requests via Whatsapp communication line in writing, and you can create a request for our sales consultants to reach you by filling the product information form