Kapaletti Classic Sofa Set


    Kapaletti Classic Sofa Set

    Kapalet was seat sofa set, an air brings in unique spaces with dazzling design. The combination of different berjer and sofa and a different style between classic sofa sets, Kapaletti luxurious living room suite was produced with natural handmade handmade craftsmanship.Asortie’s new season seats collection is produced with a variety of different color and size options for the collection, the Oval lattice, the user is more comfortable and comfortable than the standard classic seat sets. The team, consisting of two sofas and two individual sofas, was combined with two side and one middle table. Sehpalar can be produced as glass or wooden table according to the user’s wishes. The captain’s sofa set is usually preferred with its own group, the Kapaletti classic dining room and the Kapaletti bedroom suite. The classic wall unit of its own collection, Kapaletti, is one of the most important complementary products of the model. A comfortable session was provided with first class orthopedic sponges and high quality velorous fabrics used in the armchair set. The sofa set model can also be laid as leather upholstery with the Kapaletti Office Team.


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