Kapaletti Classic Dining Room Set


    Kapaletti Classic Dining Room Set

    It is specifically designed for the new season dining room collection, this classic dining room set is an excellent masterpiece that incorporates elegance and class. It will give you a different prestige to entertain your closed guests. A wonderful dining room model contain gold and silver foil on walnut veneer flooring and enriched with original plated brass. The dining room set has a showcase, table, mirrored console and eight chairs, it is also available in different color and the sizes if it is requested by the user. The dining room is entirely a hand workmanship from natural wood. İt is a complete leaf coating with a mix of cream and gold leaf. There are different chairs models and it can be customise in different ways according to the customer. The luxurious dining room is a hand carving art it will carry you to a privileged world. The closed wall unit will be the perfect choice for users who wants a dining room sets in their halls with the TV with a classic wall design. This dining room has an office and a kitchen set as well.


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