Kapadokya Classic Sofa Set

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Kapadokya classic sofa set manages to attract all attention at first sight with its eye-catching design, the wood carving workmanship and the production materials. In particular, the mother-of-pearl patterns and wood-carved motifs match perfectly on it. It is one of the first choices of classical furniture lovers who want to emphasize elegance in theirs houses. The classic sofa set was made entirely of natural wood with manual labor. The classic sofa set, which will maintain its elegance on the first day for many years, also promises a comfortable session to its user. The sofa set, which was designed by thinking to the ergonomic size forms, has put its name among the most preferred classic sofa sets in the new season. The classic sofa set, consisting of two triple sofas and two berjer seats, can also be included and the classic center table model, depending on the wishes of the users. The special woven fabric of Sedef sofa set, the color and dimensions of the sofa set can be changed depending on the wishes of the users. Thus, you will feel the privilege of having a classic sofa set that is only for you, suitable for your living spaces and decoration. The users, who include the luxury sofa set in their living spaces, also buy the Kapadokya classic dining room set, which is from the same  group, to ensure a unique harmony in its decorations. You can now fill in the product information form to include the luxury sofa set in your living ! We will be happy to answer to all of your questions by contacting us as soon as possible.