Iperion Chandelier 15 Gold

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The luxurious waxed classic chandelier model will attract all eyes on the area where it is used with its specially designed aesthetic candlesticks. Classic chandelier model, which is preferred for its ease of use and cleanable structure, adds magnificence to the area it is used with its design. The luxury chandelier model, which is mostly preferred for living spaces decorated with classical furniture, allows you to create bright spaces. The luxury chandelier, which is completely handcrafted, will illuminate your living spaces with its fifteen candle-shaped bulbs. Hall-type classical chandelier models are among the most preferred types of chandeliers. With the classic chandelier produced as luxurious spaces, you can give your living rooms a stylish and elegant atmosphere. The candle type classical chandelier design, which can also be produced in special sizes in order to adapt to the area where it will be used, can be fitted with glass lantern upon request. The chandelier, in which bright color is preferred, can also be produced in antique matte or antique cream styles according to the user’s request. In order to learn the waxed classic chandelier price and features, you need to fill in the product information form and send us your requests via Whatsapp communication line. Our friendly sales consultants will contact you as soon as possible.