İhtişam Blue Classic Sofa Set


    İhtişam Blue Classic Sofa Set

    The luxury sofa set is specially designed for users who want to create an eye-catching concept in their living spaces. The wood carved motifs, which come from the hands of the masters who devote their years to the production of classical furniture, are presented to the users as the embodied form of labor. The unique carving motifs, which can not hide the admiration of those who watch the classic sofa set, emphasize the characteristic feature of the sofa set.

    İhtişam Blue classic sofa set, which is preferred in luxury living spaces, is produced with first hand made hornbeam tree, ergonomic sponge and special woven fabric, completely handcrafted. The luxury sofa set, which uses real gold leaf in hand-carved wood carving motifs, reveals every detail in its embroidery. Offering both comfort and splendor together, the classic sofa set satisfies its user.

    The sofa set, which can be produced specifically for your living spaces, adapts to all spaces with its size options. The sofa set consisting of two berjers and two triple seats can also include wooden center tables and classic accessory models.