Hisar Classic Sofa Set


    Hisar Classic Sofa Set

    Hisar classic sofa set is the first choice for users who want to achieve a symmetrical harmony in their living areas. The symmetrical details along the lines of the luxury classic sofa set make the model privileged over other designs. The classic armchair model, in which the art of wood carving is performed, brings elegance to your living spaces. The Hisar classic armchair set is produced by taking into account the tricks of ergonomic design.

    The classic seating group consists of two classic sofas and two classic berjers. A classic wooden stand and a classic side stand are added to the seating group upon the request of the users. The middle coffee table and side coffee table, which will be added to the classic sofa set, provide a unity in your living room.

    Users who purchase Hisar classic sofa set usually purchase Hisar classic dining room set and Hisar classic bedroom set to ensure integrity in their living space.