Gaya Chandelier 15 Gold

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Fifteen-arm classic chandelier 2 model comes in a different crystal structure than the first model. Instead of classic chandeliers where round crystals are generally used, a stylish crystal stone with pine tree motifs is used in this one. Fifteen-arm classic chandelier models will add value to  your living spaces and furniture with its stone engravings and glass curtains. Imported crystal stones were used in the fifteen-arm classic chandelier, with a perfect craftsmanship, both technically and artistically, produced for Asortie customers specially . Crystal stones surrounded by gold gilding have brought a very different appeal to the classic chandelier. The classic chandelier with stone designed as two floors, can be produced as three floors or single floors upon request. For more information about luxury chandelier price and features, you can call us or fill the product information form in line with your request, our friendly customer representatives will return to you as soon as possible and will be happy to answer your questions.