Evrifaessa Chandelier 6 Gold



    The classic chandelier, consisting of details that form an impressive whole with stylish body engravings, shiny golden yellow polish, crystal candlesticks and candle-like bulbs, will allow you to create brilliant living spaces. The hall type chandelier model, which was produced with Tamemen handwork and prepared in six candle styles, was specially designed for the new season. With classic chandelier models specially produced for Asortie customers, you can give your living rooms a style and elegant atmosphere. The candle type chandelier, which can be produced in special sizes, can also be attached to the glass lantern upon request. In the design, which uses an antique aging color, bright or more matte colors are also preferred according to the customer’s request. The six-waxed candlestick chandelier, which is mostly preferred in living rooms, is the choice of those who like simplicity and elegance. You can fill the product information form to learn the price and features of the luxury chandelier model, which has a design that fascinates those who see it with its aesthetic lines, and that attracts the attention of its guests while satisfying its users.