Endulus Classic Dining Room Set

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Andalusian Classic Dining Room Set

This classic dining room set is suited to those who wish to add luxury to their living spaces. The Andalusian classic dining room set, adds a new breath to classic furniture designs hand made mother-of-pearl inlays, While gold leaf draws attention to the carved motifs, mother of pearl patterns and texture constitute the general design of the dining room set.

The most distinctive and remarkable feature of the Endulus dining room set model is the mother of pearl motifs made with meticulous craftsmanship. The Showcase, console and dining table mother of pearl motifs and wood carving motifs give the dining room set a unique feel. This dining room set, which satisfies its user with its design and comfortable usage experience, makes its name among our most popular items.

The Andalusian dining room set consists of a round dining table,  dining chairs, a classic showcase and a mirrored console.

This dining room set, which offers a comfortable use to its users with its ergonomically designed chairs, is usually purchased together with the Andalusian classic sofa set. You can fill the product information form to get more information about it.