Elita Sedef Dining Room Set


    Elita Sedef Dining room set

    The Elita Mother of Pearl Dining Set will give you delicious treats with hand carved gold leaf carvings, mother of pearl texture and elegant design that is acclaimed. The dining room set, which will combine luxury and comfort, reshapes the perception of luxury.  The gold leaf and the carved patterns are handcrafted by artisans.

    While the mother of pearl dining set wins the hearts of those who see it with its elegant and imposing position, it will impress your guests as well. The Sedef dining set consists of a wooden dining table, 6 or 8 chairs, a classic display case and a mirror console.  Dining room set accessories and chandeliers can be included, which will add an elegant concept to the dining room set.  Users who wish to purchase the dining set offer the option of producing with special size and color options to suit the living spaces. Lastly, users who wish to prefer the luxurious dining set also include the Elita mother of pearl sofa set in their living spaces.To get more information about the luxury dining set, you can now fill out the product information form or send your inquiries through the Whatsapp contact line.


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