Elenor Classic Bedroom Set


    Elenor Classic Bedroom Set

    The brand new Elenor classic bedroom set is among the most spectacular classic bedroom sets of the new season. While the mirrored wardrobe has a stylish design, it comes to add sparkle to your preferred areas. While it is admired with its remarkable design, it also offers functional features to its users. Made of natural wood, the luxury bedroom set consists of a wardrobe, a bedside table, a mirrored dresser and a headboard.

    The covers of the classic bedroom set pieces consist of hinge and rails with brake. Thus, it is aimed to prevent possible accidents in case of possible crashes. Moreover, it offers a functional use to its user with its large internal volume.

    The Elanor classic bedroom could be paired with the, Elenor classic wall unit , Elenor classic dining room set. To get more information about the classic sofa set you will choose to create luxury living spaces, you can fill out the product information form or send your requests via the Whatsapp communication line.