Efes Classic Bergere

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Efes Classic Bergere Set

Efes avant-garde team, which is one of the most popular models of the simple classic berjer team collection of the new season, stands out with its simplicity and stylish design. Combining simplicity with elegance, the luxurious armchair set consists of two armchairs, waiting to decorate your living room and living rooms. Efes berjers, which have an important place in classical furniture collections with plain designs, can also be furnished with fabric or genuine leather according to your wishes and desires. You can provide a magnificent and comfortable welcome to your guests by adding a luxurious atmosphere to your living spaces with the berjer team that you can use both in your home and office. The first class orthopedic sponges and quality fabrics are preferred in the barcourses, which provide a comfortable session to the user with their ergonomic structures, aim to offer a pleasant sitting pleasure as much as your conversation. Efes classic berjer models can be produced for you with different color options according to the concept and width of your living space.