Dubbai Majlees Room

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Dubai Majlees Room

With its velvet fabric, eye-catching patterns and quilted structure, the cedar corner, which gains the appreciation of those who see it, creates stylish living spaces. Luxury cedar seats designed for use in luxurious living spaces are also preferred in high-official authorities, such as assembly rooms. The luxury cedar set in the Dubai parliament room attracts eyes and attention with its splendor and comfortable structure. The cedar models, which are specially designed for the users who prefer oriental corner seat style in their living spaces, can be produced with space-specific size options. First-class ergonomic sponges and quality fabrics are used in cedar models that provide comfortable seating. The assembly rooms, which are produced at the height of the normal seat, can be produced in the style of orientation corner in a lower session. A drawer can also be placed on the quilted coated wooden bases at the bottom of the cedar models. For detailed information about the price and features of the luxury cedar seat, you can fill in the product information form or send your requests through the Whatsapp contact line. Our experienced sales consultants will return to you to inform you upon your request.

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