Crown Chandelier 6 Gold

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The classic chandelier, which will draw all eyes on stylish living spaces with its king crown design, golden yellow color and crystals that add magnificence to the model, can be manufactured in larger sizes if desired. Stalactite crystal stones were preferred for the classic chandelier model, which has a rich appearance with eight candlesticks on it and a king crown on its top. In the classical chandelier with king crown where bright gold plating is preferred, the stones used have brought simplicity and elegance to the chandelier model. Floral motifs embedded in candlestick augers enriched the classic chandelier design. The luxurious chandelier, which is simple but perfectly stylish, has a very interesting feature in living spaces. Classic chandelier is interesting with its price and features. You can fill the product information form to learn about the price of the model’s features or you can send your requests via Whatsapp communication line.