Bianca Classic Tv Unit


    Bianca Classic Tv Unit

    Bianca classic TV unit model attracts attention with its authentic carved motifs in the living room and living rooms. Produced with craftsmanship and first-hand craftsmanship, the Bianca luxury TV unit is colored using gold leaf engravings on antique cream floor and presented to the likes of luxury and classic furniture lovers. Bianca TV unit, which can be produced with the color and size options you want, can be designed in accordance with the living room and living room concepts of each period. It can also be prepared as a wall unit with panels and can be made suitable for use in living spaces designed especially with the design language of the Baroque period. The Bianca model, which is often used with its own suite, the Bianca classic bedroom suite, adorns the houses of classical furniture lovers as one of the most preferred TV stand models of this season. Suspension hinges with special brakes were preferred on the drawer doors of the Bianca classic TV unit. In this way, it is aimed to prevent possible accidents and situations that will damage the furniture. With the TV unit where the luxury meets splendor, you and your guests just sit back and watch this splendor.


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