Beta Art Deco Sofa Set


    Beta Art deco Sofa Set

    The Beta art deco sofa set was designed as an ode to the lovers of the art deco design language. Art deco designs, which have become en mode in recent years, allow you to create remarkable concepts your living spaces with their elegant and striking lines. Art deco furniture, which has softer designs than classical furniture models, allows you to create a remarkable but calmer concept in living spaces.

    Beta Art deco Sofa Set consists of two sofas and two armchairs. A handcrafted natural wood coffee table can also be added to the sofa set according to your wishes. This sofa set is designed with ergonomics in mind so as to offer a comfortable session to the user. The Beta art deco sofa set is usually combined with the Beta art deco dining room set and the Beta art deco wall unit.

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