Beta Art Deco Classic Dining Room Set


    Beta Art deco Dining Room Set

    The Beta Art deco dining room set is one of the variations of the art deco dining room line up. This luxury dining room set allows you to create a perfect living space with its unusual concept. Handcrafted fine workmanship and carefully designed details will add a palatial touch to your living spaces. The dining room set consisting of a console, dining table, chairs and display case is designed to meet all your needs.

    The dining room model can also be paired with the Beta Art deco sofa set from and the Beta Art deco wall unit . The dining room model, which is embroidered with the handcrafting of first-class natural woodworking masters, stands out with its rich and different design from luxury dining room models. The stones embroidered into the furniture also add a fun playful look to the set. The cabinets, as standard with all Asortie products, have soft close functionality in order to prevent damage from slamming. This set can be customized with the fabrics and colour options that your heart desires.

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