Belinda Classic Bedroom Set


    Belinda Classic Bedroom Set

    The Belinda classic bedroom model, which was chosen by those who want to see the elegance and glory in the same place, was produced with natural handmade wooden handmade craftsmanship. The Belinda dining room, with its own collection, was created with a perfect harmony with the Belinda sofa set. The Belinda luxury bedroom suite, which brings a new approach to the classical bedroom, draws attention with its different colors and engraved motifs, each created by hand embroidery. The carving workmanship, the indispensable main element of classical furniture, was used more simply and elegantly in the Belinda bedroom suite.The bedspreads on the bedside and feet are the most prominent feature of the bedroom. The bedside was supported by two mirrored wall units. It can be covered with quilting as well as the mirrors in the bedside unit according to the request of the user. The crown and body parts of the Belinda bedroom suite’s toilet table were decorated with carving motifs. Belinda Bedroom Suite consisting of wardrobe, cot, wall panel, two bedside tables and toilet table Asortie Mobilya can be produced in the desired color and size for its customers. Those who want to feel the warmth of the fireplace in the bedroom can be combined with Belinda classic fireplace, which can be produced with special dimensions.


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