Baroc Classic Office Furniture Set


    Baroque Classical Executive Room

    The Baroque classic office suite is a special study room model that combines elegance and functionality with its unusual pastel color and similarly different design approach. Designed for the classic office furniture collection, the Baroque luxury office room has been produced for you with masterful handwork from natural wood. Executive chair and guest armchairs can be added to the luxury office suite, which consists of a console, coffee table and caisson, according to your wishes. Executive room chairs provide you a comfortable session with their ergonomic structures as well as stylish. At the same time, you can create a comfortable living space for your guests and you by adding an office sofa for your large study rooms. This office suite, with its leather Chester armchairs and ergonomically sound cushions, does not compromise on comfort while increasing the level of luxury.

    While the armchairs and sofas of the Baroque office set are covered with first class genuine leather, they can also be covered with woven fabrics according to your request. The office set, which adds a noble weight to the space with its coated natural matte natural wood walnut color, can also be prepared according to the color variety you want. In addition to this, the Baroque office suite can be custom made to the desired size for prestigious workspaces. For more information, you can fill out the product information form or submit your requests via our Whatsapp contact line.


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