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Artemis Classic Bathroom

Designed for users who want luxury lines to create harmony and harmony in their bathrooms, Artemis classic bathroom cabinet consists of a bench, mirror and cabinet. Depending on the concept and size of the bathroom, these parts can be purchased as a team or each piece can be purchased individually. Classic bathroom models can often be designed specially, taking into account your bathroom dimensions. Artemis classic bathroom set, which can be produced in desired colors, stands out with its ergonomic and functional structure as well as its elegant appearance. In addition to being able to design the interior design of the bathroom cabinets as desired, a hinge and rail system with brakes are used in the drawer and cabinet doors against bumps. Thus, you have the chance to use the luxury bathroom cabinet models longer than they should be. Those who want to combine workbenches, cabinets and doors in their bathrooms generally aim to put a design harmony in the middle of the classical door model of Artemis.