Most Preferred Styles in Home Decoration

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Most Preferred Styles in Home Decoration 6

Of course, there are many written rules about home decoration. However, the most important of these is to create living spaces where the user feels most happy and enjoys being. There are many examples of decoration in living spaces. We have summarized the most preferred home decoration styles for you.

Sports Decoration Style

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Today, it is one of the most preferred decoration styles, especially with young users. Sports style decoration is actually similar to modern style decoration. We can see comfortable seating groups, furniture models suitable for minimalist living spaces, and sports style decoration among the most preferred models for small houses. You can create standard living spaces with sports style furniture models preferred by student houses, newlyweds and those looking for affordable furniture. The color palette in sports style usually consists of neutral tones. Colors such as white, gray, black and brown are often used. In this style, few items and a minimalist approach are adopted. Open spaces are usually created in the rooms and functionality is at the forefront. It is ideal for those who adopt a modern style and seek a contemporary and stylish home atmosphere.

Vintage Style Decoration

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It is a style that is used especially by nostalgia lovers and is created by blending furniture from the past periods with new period furniture. Subway and antique pieces are frequently used in vintage style decoration, and the atmosphere of the past is reflected in the decoration. The elements that most complement the vintage decoration style are lace details, embroidered fabrics and minimal objects. Preferably by using old furniture, it creates a feeling of living in decoration. In vintage style decoration, pastel tones and soft tones are mostly preferred.

Classic Decoration Style

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The classic style, which is an indispensable style for those who prefer wealth, magnificence and status, allows you to have an assertive decoration in furniture and decoration. In this style, it is aimed to bring the aesthetics and magic of the past periods to modern living spaces. The main feature of the classical style is the traditional and ornate details. Carved sofa models, gilded dining room models and bedrooms reminiscent of palaces will fascinate those who see them and will make their users feel special.

Every detail, from the wood to the fabric, is chosen with care and luxury. Those who want to have both comfort and a magnificent decoration prefer the classical style not only in furniture but also in textile products such as accessories, curtains and carpets. For those who want to have a classic living room decoration, it is important that every detail is created together with expert architects. In addition to this, models suitable for classical decoration should be preferred in the classic dining room, classic bedroom and generally in every area of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Asortie, Turkey’s award-winning classical furniture brand, provides classical furniture production and decoration solutions for many domestic and foreign customers. Although flamboyant and large furniture is preferred in classical furniture, Asortie enables everyone to have a classical style decoration thanks to the production of classic furniture in special sizes according to the living spaces of the users.

Industrial Style Decoration

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It is a style inspired by workshops and similar areas. Functional and functional details come to the fore in industrial style home decoration. Industrial materials such as wood and metal, light palettes and visible pipes are often used. Generally, open spaces and high ceilings are preferred. The brick texture on the walls or the concrete surfaces left without paint are characteristic elements of the industrial style. Metal frames, factory lighting fixtures and large windows are often used in furniture. It is an ideal option for those who adopt an industrial style, prefer a modern and urban style, while at the same time want to experience an industrial aesthetic in their home.