About US

We produce high quality and comfortable Turkish furnitures. Our products are completely wood and handmade. For now, our furniture products are exported to 32 different countries in the World such as Serbia, Suudi Arabia, Ukraine and Africa’s various countries. Asortie furniture is one of the most respected and known brand in Turkey. It is famous for ıts quality and comfort products.

Our designs,

If you are looking for special, smart, comfortable, unique design and furniture decorations. So you are the right place for this.You may come your dreams true with Asortie furniture models. We are doing our job profesionally and originally very well. We are created our new products as different than the other furniture firms. We combine modern and classical furniture models. And also we create revolution in furniture and decoration in your house. Asortie Furniture is manufactured handcrafted furniture products.

Projects are different with Asortie furniture,

Asortie Furniture presents best furniture model and decoration solutions to Its customers with 47 years experience. Asortie furniture can meet customers demands in anytime and anywhere. Asortie furniture are prepared to sign new projects. And also Asortie Furniture can be helped to change your life style.

Customer satisfaction policy,

We are guaranteed high quality and comfort in our furniture products and services for our customers. We aim to go beyond our customers expectations. Always we do our best for our customers and we try to make them happy by produce handmade wood furnitures. When they see our handmade wood products, they say ‘’wow’’ in surprisingly. You can visit our website for detail information. We make sure that you will be warmly welcomed and treated special by Asortie staff. And also you can send e-mail at info@asortie.com to take information about our products.

We create different handmade wood furnitures for our unique customers. We produce unique designs and gorgeous models for our customers.