Turkey Classic Furniture - Luxury Furniture ModelsClassic Bergere Sets for those who seek both individuality and comfort are at Asortie!

Bergere models, which are generally used in living rooms, also create a portfolio of houses in a wide range of design. Models, which are one of the most favorite pieces recently, are at Asortie with their aesthetic appearance to satisfy the customers with classic armchair prices!

When living room corner sets and armchair models, which are among the most favorite pieces, are decorated, both a modern atmosphere and comfort are provided in the homes. In addition, the single armchairs used in the hall provide a pleasant space with the image it creates, making people very comfortable. Thus, you can create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere for yourself thanks to the combination of these models.

In addition, the single armchairs used are also very important among the options, as they provide a comfortable living space in the hall. Sets with large structures in the sitting area, models that support your back according to the place and purpose of use in this area can be preferred within the scope of suitable berjer set prices. You can also reward yourself with a suitable berjer selection.

Nairobi Classic Armchair Set with Red Velvet Fabric https://www.asortie.com/aksesuarlar/578/Nairobi-Klasik-Berjer

Thanks to its red velvet woven fabric, Nairobi Classic Armchair Set will attract all those who love luxury looks and add an air of brilliance to the room.

Genya Classic Bergere Set with Gold Leaf Embroidery


Genya Classic Bergere Set fascinates the eyes with its plain design and elegance and always makes one feel valuable with its gold leaf embroidery. Combining elegance and luxury, this armchair set was designed to provide a comfortable sitting experience.

Leon Classic Bergere Set with premium Quality Sponge


Designed in a noble and durable structure, the Leon Classic Armchair Set provides a comfortable session to the users thanks to its special woven fabric, first class quality sponge and ergonomic design. The armchair set, which provides a pleasant and aesthetic appearance with the lion details used in the motifs of the design, beautifies living spaces with its simple and elegant appearance.

Your Decoration will Turn into Art with Carved and Embroidered Bergere Sets!

For those who love antique style, armchair models that will transform the spaces you want to create for yourself into art are just for you. The opportunity to catch a vintage look with an antique character by providing a completely different look in the houses is in the berger models that will help you at this point!

Models that will provide both comfort and a stylish look, Classic models designed with vintage style in mind, especially with legs and armrests reminiscent of the 70s, allow creating precious moments. Retro look decoration can be created thanks to the carved and embroidered berjer models, which are selected in accordance with the decoration of the house, where hand labor is intense.

Standing out with its comfortable appearance, handcrafted carvings, stylish design and soft colors, Asortie Furniture wing chair model is a frequently preferred product. For those who want to achieve a modern look, a great ambiance will be created when plain and simple colors match with the armchairs in their seat preferences.