Classic Bedroom Furniture Sets

Classical Bedroom Models

Asortie furniture is manufactured classic and modern furniture models in different colours and dimensions. There are a lot of bedroom furniture sets in our showrooms.As you look at our catalogue or website, you can see our products.And also you can get any information about our furnitures that you would like to learn.

Our bedroom furniture sets consist of various models. There are Kapaletti classic bedroom, Hayal classic bedroom, Miami classic bedroom, Artemis classic bedroom, Palermo classic bedroom, Belinda classic bedroom, Miami concept classic bedroom, Sidelya classic bedroom,Nara classic bedroom, Sakura classic bedroom, Prenses classic bedroom, Bengu classic bedroom, Quantum classic bedroom, Miami vip classic bedroom, Elena classic bedroom, Milano classic bedroom in our classic bedroom furniture sets.

There are two nightstands, a wardrobe, a make-up stand (not in all), a bedstead, a dresser in our bedroom furniture sets. All of our bedroom furniture sets are made of wood and completely handmade. You can purchase our furnitures as complete or You can purchase our furnitures as seperately. We are manufacturing unique and perfect bedroom furniture sets. If you want to get detail information about our products do not hesitate to contact with us of our communication addresses.