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Amber brings a nice atmosphere with its different colour and perfect engraving figures. Amber dresuar is prepared in antique aging style. Amber dresuar’s legs are made in lion foot style. Asortie is manufactured this beautiful dresuar model as special for its customers.

Amber classic dresuar is manufactured as bright or matt according to your requests. You can add a value to your life areas with this perfectless design. Amber classic dresuar is a plain product but It is very stylish and It has a typical style.


When you look at this dresuar model, you will see the handmade engravings on this dresuar model. Amber classic dresuar is made of wood and completely handmade. This dresuar model is manufactured in walnut colour but you can choose different colour options.

If you like to see the classic furniture in your homes, certainly you should take a look at this dresuar model. As Asortie Furniture, We manufacture dresuar models with mirror and without mirror. Our dresuar models have elegance and smartness. In these classic dresuars, Engraving craftsmanship is used perfectly.

This splendid classic dresuar is covered with foils. And you can see the leaf foil figures on this dresuar model. If you want to change your life areas with a small touch, then you can do this with Asortie’s Amber dresuar model.


Belinda is a classic dresuar with two drawers and a mirror. It is made of wood and completely handmade. Gold engravings are used in this dresuar model. And also It can be manufactured in different colours and special measurements for our customers.

If you like, you can add a chair or a coffee table in this furniture product. Belinda is dazzling with its three-dimensional design. You won’t take your eyes on this perfect dresuar model.


This dresuar model will be the most precious furniture product in your homes. Special gold foil figures are used in Belinda classic dresuar. It is worth to see the handmade engravings and foils on it.

With its mirror, this beautiful dresuar will show your life areas different and nice. Belinda is an indispensible classic dresuar model with its design. You will live palace glory in your homes with Belinda classic dresuar. If you like to have classic dresuar in your life areas, you should take a look at this dresuar model. You can add a luxury and stylish appearance to your life areas with Asortie Furniture classic dresuar models.

Now, you can change your home’s atmosphere with Asortie Furniture Belinda classic dresuar model.


Gorkem is a classic dresuar with mirror. There are beautiful engraving figures on dresuar and dresuar’s mirror. It has a gorgeous appearance. It can be manufactured in different colours and dimensions for you by Asortie Furniture.

This nice and beautiful dresuar is made of wood and completely handmade. You can see the Ottoman figures on this dresuar model. These great figures will fascinate you their appearances. And also gold foils are used in Gorkem classic dresuar model.


Gold foils are added a different and an elegant appearance in this model. It has a marvellous design. With Its gold foil mirror, Gorkem classic dresuar will take your attension. And also you will feel yourself in a palace. Because This dresuar is not a usual dresuar like the other ones. It is an unusual design with its classic and Ottoman styles.

You can find in this dresuar model more than the features you look for in a dresuar. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see more beautiful yourself and notice the change in yourself with Gorkem classic dresuar model.

When you compare this nice dresuar model with the other dresuar models, You will understand the difference between them. We don’t use unquality materials in our furniture products. Asortie Furniture uses first class materials and handmade wood in its dresuar models.

Gorkem classic dresuar model is waiting for you in our showrooms. If you want to feel yourself more valuable in your life areas , then create your style with Asortie Furniture unique dresuar models.


Classic dresuars are the most decorative furnitures of your homes. You can decorate classic dresuars with your classic furnitures. People are interested in classic dresuar models more in last years. So we manufacture the most special and luxury classic dresuar models for you.

When you look at Ottoman classic dresuar model, It has a plain and nice appearance. This great dresuar model is made of wood and completely handmade.Unique Engraving figures are used on this dresuar model. Ottoman classic dresuar model is manufactured in different colours and dimensions for you if you would like.


Gold foils will fascinate you with its perfectless patterns. And also Ottoman classic dresuar can be made with silver foil. Silver and gold foils are used in this dresuar model’s legs. This dresuar model is designed as white colour and with gold or silver foils on it. But we can design Ottoman classic dresuar for you in different colours and dimensions.

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