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Different Sofa Set Models

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Chester sofa set is one of the original designs of Asortie Furniture.

Chester sofa sets are designed for those who love the art of quilted in the sofa set. There are two bergeres and two sofas in this perfect sofa set. Generally, different colours are used in one of the two sofas.

If you would like to get high comfort from your sofa set, Then chester sofa set is just for you.

White lacquer and gold foil colours are preferred in Chester sofa set. Bergeres and sofas are designed in the same style. As different from the classic chester sofa set, a fixed cushion is preferred in this nice sofa set. You can see the quality in each parts of this furniture set.


You can feel more comfortable on the corner sofa sets!

Corner sofa sets are great designs both their colours and models. And also cushions are enriched this corner sofa set. They add a different atmosphere in this sofa set. Corner sofa sets have sweet and elegant appearance. You will like corner sofa sets when you see them at first sight. Then You won’t want to leave from them. . You can create the most beautiful, comfortable and stylish corner in your living rooms with these nice corner sofa set models.


When you start a new day, or come back to your home form the work you will find a great place that presents a lot of opportunities for you. Such as, you can live beautiful moments with your family and friends in corner sofa sets, you can play with your kids on this corner sofa set or you can chat with your friends on this nice corner sofa set for long hours.

Leather sofa sets are really fascinating with their qualities and features !

Leather sofa sets are smarter than the fabric sofa sets. And also leather sofas are cleaned easier than the fabric sofas. Fabric sofas are very plain and simple design. But Leather sofas are very flashy and stylish sofas.


Leather sofa set is preferred by the young people and married couples.

Because Leather sofas provide more comfort and wealthy appearance for their living rooms. Leather sofa sets can manufacture in different colours and special measurements according to your requests. If you like, you can decorate your life areas or living rooms with leather sofa set. Leather sofa sets are not very expensive as people say.

So leather sofas are indispensible models among sofa sets. You can prefer leather sofa set in every season. Leather sofa set, is preferred both in offices and homes with its handy and flashy design. They have longer life than the other furniture models. Durability and comfort are very important for leather sofa sets.

Modern sofa sets, make difference with their appearance and comfort.

When you sit on these furniture you can feel the quality and privilage. Because they are made of first quality fabric and upholstery materials. They are so functional and practical than th other ones. They don’t look like any other models. Modern sofa sets are very decorative and special desings. They don’t keep a lot of place in yor homes. They present facilitiies for you in your life areas.


Classic sofa sets are really attractive and smart models!

Classic sofa sets are designed as special for our new season sofa set collection. These nice classic sofa sets consists of two sofas and two bergeres. And also If you would like, You can add a coffee table or side table in classic furniture sofa sets. Coffee table models can be made of glass or wood according to your requests.


Classic sofa sets are dazzling with their typical designs and patterns.

Our these furniture models have plain appearances. They are made of wood and completely handmade. Generally, gold foils and engravings are used in these sofa sets.

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