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The address of the smartness and the quality in bergere models : ASORTİE FURNİTURE


Ekselans classic bergere set has a wealthy appearance with its dazzling design and engraving figures. It is made of wood and completely handmade. Ekselans classic bergeres add a different atmosphere to your life areas. This nice bergere set is designed for the new season. It can be manufactured in different colours and special measurements for you by Asortie Furniture. You can put this bergere wherever you want in your living rooms.


Ekselans classic bergere set consists of two chairs in armchair style. According to your requests, We can manufacture this nice bergere set as special to the individual. Ekselans classic bergere set takes attention with its comfortable and flashy design. Your homes or life areas will be more stylish with Asortie Furniture Ekselans bergere model. And also you can drink coffee together with your friends or can chat with your friends by completing the most beautiful corner in your homes with Ekselans bergere set. You can do a smart touch to your living rooms with this great bergere set.

If you like, you can combine Ekselans bergere set together with your sofa set. With various colour options, Asortie Furniture is designed bergere models for you. Also you can use this bergere set with a modern coffee table. So you can catch a stylish appearance with the combination of the modern and classic styles.


Asortie classic bergere adds a happiness to your life areas. And also It presents its typical design to user’s taste. We gave ‘’Asortie’’ name to this bergere set. Because It is an unusual bergere model. Back side of this bergere takes attension with plain appearance and elegant design. Gold foil covered lukens legs are used in this bergere set. First class fabric is preferred in this bergere design. It can be used in your living rooms or special life areas. Asortie bergere can be manufactured in different colours and special measurements according to our customer requests. This nice bergere model is designed for those who like the classic furniture style in their homes. Asortie classic bergere is a handy and flashy furniture product. Both comfortable and decorative bergere models are coming to your homes with Asortie Furniture difference. In this point, Asortie presents very special products for you. Our bergere models can fit to every home. Bergeres are furnitures that you will use them for long years.


When you look at our bergere photographs, even without touching these bergere models you can notice that they are more comfortable and quality. If you like, you can prefer plain and classic bergeres or you can prefer modern and flashy models in our showrooms.

You can use Asortie Furniture’s clasic bergere model forever. Because This classic bergere set will make you feel timeless with its perfectless design and smartness. Now, Join Asortie Furniture classic furniture world and live the life timeless with Asortie Furniture design.


It is the most liked product in our furniture products. And also Sultan’s throne is manufactured as special to the individual. There are Ottoman figures and handmade gold foil coloured patterns on this nice furniture product. In classic Sultan’s throne, armchair is made of wood and handmade completely. Also Handmade engravings are used in this furniture set. It is manufactured in different colours and special measurements according to user’s request. Approximately, this beautiful product is preparing in two months for our customers. Classic Sultan throne is designed as a perfect accessory for your homes or life areas. And also It is dazzling with its gold foil colours on it. Classic Sultan throne is waiting for you in our showrooms. If you like to have a design like sultans, then certainly you should try this model.


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