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2016 Sofa Sets

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Asortie Furniture is preparing to hit the mark to 2016 years with ıts unique and smart models.

Both with different and handmade products, Asortie furniture can provide you decorate your life areas as you want. Generally, Our living room sets consist of two bergeres and two sofas. If you wanna to enrich your decorations, coffee table or center table can be added these furniture set.

You can see and find the most beautiful examples unique lines of handmade art.

First class fabric and upholstery materials are used in this furniture models. Our furniture models are completely handmade and made of wood. Industrial or chemical materials aren’t used in our furniture models. 2016 furniture sofa sets can change your life areas because they are so comfortable and quality design.


If you wanna feel the comfort on the highest point, you should have a look at Asortie Furniture 2016 furniture models. You can see the classic figures on these furniture designs. Engravings and foils are found on these classic furniture models.

Modern or classic sofa sets will fascinate your life areas with their amazing and great appearance. smartness on these furnitures.

You can start a new day and have a rest at the end of the tiring day with these furniture models. You can reflect your styles with 2016 furniture models. You can feel better yourself with these furnitures. If you wanna change your life areas completely, certainly you should try these furniture models. You can live the most enjoyable time with your family and friends on these sofa sets. There are alot of furniture models among 2016 sofa sets.

2016 corner sofa set presents quality and smartness !

If you would like, Asortie furniture, we can this furniture set in different colours and special measurements for you. You can feel better yourself with corner sofa set comfort design. When you start a new day, or come back to your home form the work You will find a great place that presents a lot of opportunities for you.


Such as, you can live beautiful moments with your family and friends in Athena corner sofa set, you can play with your kids on this corner sofa set or You can chat with your friends on this nice corner sofa set for long hours.

Chester sofa sets have a different design !

Chester sofa set is a special design in our sofa set collection. It is very stylish and beautiful model. If you think to have a sofa set in your living rooms, certainly you should see and purchase this sofa set. Chester sofa set is one of the original designs of Asortie Furniture. Asortie Furniture will fascinate you with its sofa models in this furniture set. Especially red coloured sofa models are most liked by our customers. Chester sofa set isn’t only manufactured in red colour and also It can be manufactured in different colours and dimensions for you.


There are patterned and flowered models are available in our showrooms. Choosing among Asortie sofa models, won’t be easy for you. When you choose sofa model, especially you should see our flowered sofa models. Your individual prefer is important in this point. But You shoudn’t forget that smartness will come together with plainness.

You can make a difference with leather sofa sets !

Leather sofas are dazzling with their elegance and smartness. You will admire this sofa set comfort. People who don’t forsake the elegance and smartness of the leather sofas, certainly they should see this perfect sofa set. It is both stylish and a very beautiful sofa set.


Leather sofa sets are smarter than the fabric sofa sets. And also leather sofas are cleaned easier than the fabric sofas. Fabric sofas are very plain and simple design. But Leather sofas are very flashy and stylish sofas.

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  1. amel meziani September 28, 2016 at 1:14 pm - Yanıtla

    c’est chic et moderne

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